Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Tired of being an oyster, she decided to try life as a pearl for awhile." - CGD

I only have 48 more days as a true college student. After that, I am moving back home and starting a new chapter. How weird is that? It may not be to you, but it is to me! This semester has completely flown by, but I have learned many new things. I also need to hold on as long as I can to this nice schedule I have because, come January, that's all out the window! This semester, I have 4 day weekends and many hours in the afternoon to do whatever I want. I have loved it! But now that I'm on the back-end of midterms, it is going to go by faster and faster.

Some things that have helped pass all that time I have on my hands:

1. Schoolwork (yeah, this has to be #1...my parents read this!)
2. My little booger bear, Joey. He rides around with me with his head out the window, and plays and snoozes in the sun, all the while getting tasty peanut butter treats that my dad makes just for him. Ahh the life of a dog.
3. Blogging, a new-found love. Even if no one reads it, I feel so much better after blogging.
4. Reading others' blogs. People are so clever!
5. Finding new outlets for my need to craft - upcycling old into new
6. Shopping, not necessarily buying though!
7. Traveling...in other words, putting lots and lots of miles on my Jeep...but it's all worth seeing the people I'm traveling for!

Some people that are so clever and creative:

My dad, he is constantly helping me think of ways to do things

Curly Girl Designs - some of the cutest artwork I have seen! I want to buy it all! Watch out, you may be seeing this pretty soon...a lot of my Christmas gifts are coming from here!

Etsy sellers - the entire website is one big mass of talented people. If you haven't yet, please check it out!