Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's finally time!


Now that it is over I feel a little uncertain of where to go next. But I have found some great outlets to continue to sell things, which is so awesome!

Recap of this weekend:

My friend (she shared the booth with me) and I drove in to Tunica yesterday. We had all day to set up before the people came today. The RiverPark is so pretty! Our booth space was right on the banks of the river, it was gorgeous! It was incredibly windy yesterday, though, so we could not fully set up for fear that our items and other things would blow away. My dad surprised me and drove down to help! Thanks so much, Dad!
We checked in to our hotel (a Casino hotel!) and met up with the coordinator and some staff for dinner. 
Time to hit the slots! It was my first time to set foot in a casino. We mainly played the penny and nickel slots to get the hang of everything!

Today: Festival Day! We finished decorating and setting up our booth, and got ready for festival goers. The event was put on for and by the Girl Scouts, so the majority of those attending were with their Girl Scout troops. The festival featured live music, Riverboat rides, Geo-caching, Retail, and much more! 
We were a little slow to start. Because this was the first year for the festival and our first time as vendors of a festival, we were not expecting too much in sales. Since most of the festival goers were associated with Girl Scouts, the majority of spending money was spent on the Museum and a ride on the River Boat. However, as the day progressed, sales picked up! More of my big items sold in the last 45 minutes than all day!
Overall, it was a great experience! It was also a good learning experience for a first-timer like me.

Here are some pictures of the set-up:

Thanks for looking!

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