Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"The future is no place to place your better days" - dmb

Have I mentioned how much I love festivals? :) I am hoping to be a vendor again sometime soon! There are a few festivals in the spring around the area I will be living for student teaching. I have found some new items to make and sell, as well!
Also, I bought a domain! I am so excited to start with the web hosting and learning about web design! It will be a while, so I'll keep you posted :)
The coaster idea ended up being kind of a flop. I did not make them in time for my first festival so I am hoping to have some ready by the time I sign up for another one!
I also found a really cute lanyard at a gift store in Atlanta this past weekend that gave me an idea to make some of my own! (I have found that teachers love having unique lanyards for their school i.d.). My other idea is to make tote bags out of t-shirts. Both the lanyards and tote bags will require sewing, so I went to look for my sewing machine in the attic...
I went in to the attic for one thing and, two hours later, came out with a bunch of memories!

Some of the things I found:

Two of my baby blankets
"Uggy Baby" - a.k.a. Ugly Baby - complete with gumm-y band-aid marks on the knees
Pictures of my awkward pre-teen years with my middle school buddies
and my mom's college scrapbook, which was so neat to look at!

Also this weekend, my sister and I checked out Auburn University while on a short vacation to the spa. What a cute town Auburn and Opelika are! The campus is gorgeous and it was fun to see the last of the tailgaters from the game the day before.

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  1. ohhh lanyards! i like that idea! let me know how the tshirt bag idea goes too! you're just so creative! can't wait to see you soon! :)