Sunday, October 3, 2010

"But I do know one thing Is where you are is where I belong" - dmb

Exactly 14 days until the festival I have been waiting and preparing for for 4 months!

Since yesterday, I...

  • Set up my table to get an idea of how things should be arranged
  • Found a tablecloth (finally! I am using a full size sheet from my dad's house = $0)
  • Finished the clipboards for the most part
  • Found a way to display the coasters (hanging fruit basket from my dads = $0)
  • Made 30 bobby pins
  • Found a "wall" to go behind the table to hang clipboards from (wall = shower curtain from my dad's)
  • Found a cute way to display the business cards = $1
  • Got glue all over myself (still washing it off...)
The pictures below are what I hope the table will be like at the festival. Except for the fact that: the bobby pin cards have no bobby pins on them, the clipboards are not finished, and the cork in that left corner has not been cut and made into a coaster just yet. Oh, and the table cloth hasn't seen an iron in a while...
These are just for an idea! I will post pictures of the completed product :)

I love my little corner! My dad gave me this super comfy chair, as well as the tent that we will be putting everything under. Thanks Dad!

I love fall weekends! It actually feels like fall right now, but I know it will be hot again tomorrow. We are going to an indoor festival for Christmas shopping tomorrow. (You're thinking: What? Christmas shopping already?! I am, too!) This place has great booths though, and the merchants come from all over. So, why not get a head start (and possibly some great display ideas)?

I would say this weekend was overall productive! Now for homework.....


  1. i love reading your posts, and tell you this daily... but i thought i'd leave a comment this time too :) you're so very talented - i wish that i had the craftyness that you have. lol i really want to come to the festival and see your set up & everything! :D i hope you have a good week! loves youuuu!

  2. aww thanks Alisha! You're sweet! I love reading yours, too! You are more than welcome to come! There is a place for you to stay if ya need it, too!