Friday, September 17, 2010

"The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees"

Playing with my camera....

It's Thursday night and it's the start of my weekend! So some of us (and our dogs) went on a mini-adventure...
We have this cornfield right next to our apartment (gotta love the small town. Ha...) that was just harvested and mowed down to just the bottom of the stalks. We decided to put our boots on; or if you're a city girl like me: your pink floral rainboots; and explore in the dark. We walked quite a while and found an awesome tree that was hollow in the middle with some wild berries growing around it. I played with my camera to try to get a picture of it, but the flash couldn't catch it in a great light. After finding one too many stink bugs, we headed back. There is also a random fire hydrant in the cornfield (as to why, I'm not sure) and it was great to use as I messed around with my camera!

Check it out:

This was using the color accent option: only picking up on the red, and turning everything else to grayscale. This was taken in a pitch black cornfield :)

I was out with Joey earlier today and I heard this weird moan noise coming from the woods behind the now empty cornfield.

Look who it was!
We have some new neighbors we didn't know about! This was at a 16x zoom, so it is kind of blurry. There were two of them out there, but I wanted to get the one that was looking at me :)
I wanted to play some more on my camera so the following pictures are just the differences in the options: just for fun :)

My favorite pictures to take are extreme close-ups using the macro lens. This is the bobby I wore today in my braid, with an extra blank bobby to hold my thick hair.

This was taken using only a flash. The actual camera is what is making the shadow in the corner.

This same bobby pin was taken without the flash using natural light. So much better!

My fortune from my date with the boyfriend tonight :) I kinda like it!
Halloween bobbies: go check them out at The Looking Glass: Coffee and Curiosities!
Joe after a romp in the cornfield :)
See ya!

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