Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Wouldn't stop until I found something beautiful" - n2b

So, by complete accident, I stumbled upon an awesome website tonight! It's called eWillow. It's a great blog to read for craft inspiration, and you are able to sell your own crafts on the website (like Etsy), but for free! There is no limit, and it is so great! I'm wondering how many people know about this already?

I've posted pictures of my different displays for the festival! I think I'll have more than enough ways to display the bobby pins, but I'm thinking it will be one of those things where you need to be prepared!

This is a birdcage I found with my dad and sister on clearance for $10! I love the "weathered" look of the cage!

This wooden rack is something I found at a teacher's garage sale. The woman used it as a filing system, but they are from the late 70's, early 80's and were used in her husband's corporate meetings before Powerpoint came around!

Side view of the wooden filing rack. I will probably use these for my initial bobby pins. People will easily be able to find the initial they are looking for this way.

It holds 26 cards, perfect for the alphabet!

My mom and I found this at Home Goods. I love it! I thought about hanging the bobby pin cards on the black branches. The festival will be two weeks before Halloween, so it would be great if it looked festive!

I got this idea off of Bug a Boo Baby. Theirs looks great! Because I made mine with somewhat flimsier ribbon, I will probably put cards in the ribbon slots, instead of the bobbies without the cards.

 So now that I feel more comfortable about the displays, I have moved on. I read some advice that other people posted about cash handling at festivals. I thought a locking box would work just fine and would be the easiest to make change with, However, the majority said that in some instances, it can be taken from you right from under your nose! They suggested an apron or fanny pack. So, I looked into the cost of different aprons on etsy. (I was wanting to go with the whole handmade theme) They were just too much for something I may only use once. I found a carpenter's apron at home depot for only $0.80 and plan on doing something with that. The size is perfect, and has two large pockets for cash handling.

The only downside...it has a huge orange Home Depot logo on the front of the pockets. I considered turning it around and wearing it backwards, which is probably what I'll end up doing. (it's safer that way too, I'm guessing!) 
Then, I was checking my e-mail and received a 40% coupon off an item at Hobby Lobby. I ended up finding iron on fabric paper that fits right into the printer. The possibilities with this stuff are endless for me! I plan on printing out the Joey B. Logo and seeing how that looks on it.

The countdown is getting smaller and smaller to school starting back...6 days! Then, there will be much less time for my festival planning.

Thanks for stopping by!

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